The Aerobots

The Aerobots came about like this.

My art practice over the years has always included painting and drawing, graphic print making, photography and collage and I am often running these methods of production along side each other as I go. I always try to be as inventive and skilful as I can be. The Aerobots which date from 2006 are linked to photo collage work I was doing at that time “About Looking 1 and 2”. I had been sitting on a large database of photo imagery from my past and was experimenting with doubling, turning and juxtaposing them to create new “transformed” images. When I applied this method to the images I had taken directly at the noses of various aircraft, the Aerobots revealed themselves. They clearly have an anthropomorphic quality with appealing character traits of their own, suggesting that we create machines in our own image within the laws of nature.