Fresh Air Power

10 years have passed since Fresh Air, the Royal Air Force Museum’s year long exhibition of my work.

Highlights between 2012 - 2022 include:

Being awarded Honorary Companionship of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

A 3 year Artist in residency with the Bournemouth Air festival culminating with an exhibition at the Russell-Cotes Museum.

The National Memorial Arboretum launched Tribute 100, my personal contribution marking 100 years of the RAF.

As an artist, it is essential for me to spend time working in the studio. During the decade since the Fresh Air Exhibition I have created the Fresh Air Power collection. The paintings are based on aircraft that are currently in active service with the RAF, apart from one (The Plane with No Name).

Each aircraft sits within a landscape. I have been gradually developing this visual language over the years. Some of my earlier Landscape Geometry work helped to inform this methodology. I often use a grid which underpins the work and I include reference to the digital world that we now experience. Related works include The Last Tornado and the Tempest Triptych, a peek into the possible future thinking of the United Kingdoms’ Future Combat Air Systems, Project Tempest.

Last Tornado, in progress.
Tempest Tryptich #1 in progress
Tempest Tryptich #3 in progress
Plane With No Name in progress