Harrow to the Himalayas

The Harrow Club W10 was started as a Philanthropic Mission in a poor area of London ( Notting Dale) in1883. At that time the area was known as the Piggeries and the Potteries. The Centenary of the Harrow Club therefore fell in 1983 and all the various different sections of the Club decided to celebrate in their own ways. As well as acting as a Youth Worker and Artist in Residence I took an active part in the Mountain Climbing Club within a Club. I had taken a Mountain Leadership Training Course which enabled me to take Young People into Wilderness and Mountain environments. On the back of that we decided we would take a group of Club members to Trek in the Himalayas, one team to Everest Base Camp the other to circumnavigate Annapurna. The gallery contains the Art Work I produced from the experience of that adventure. The record of that adventure can be found in my Photographic Gallery - Annapurna 1983.

Me in the Cairngorms
Me ,Macy, Russell and Kenny on Snowdon
Himalayas artwork