Movement 2000

I made Movement 2000 in the years leading up to the Millennium.

This corresponded with my own Half Century year. I wanted to make a statement about the condition of Human Life at the dawn of the 21st Century based on an observation that life goes in circles and that life, like investments, can go down as well as up.

At the time I made Movement 2000 the Wars in the Balkans were in full swing and thousands of people were being displaced from their homes.

Across the World, War, Famine and Plague were creating a new 21st century Global Diaspora. Millions are on the move!

Currently, according to figures compiled by UNHCR approximately 50 Million people around the World are displaced from their homes and are either on the move or existing in Refugee camps.


Movement 2000 was conceived as an Installation, having it’s own makeshift Home.

The work consists of 8 (eight) 6’x4’ canvases painted in Oils intended to be displayed in its own Home.

Its Home on the outside resembles a Migrants temporary shelter, similar to what you might currently see in migrants ‘Jungle’ camps the World over.

The inside is a clean exhibition space displaying the work.

Its shape is a 10 sided polygon, 8 sides to hold the paintings, 1 side for Information graphics and 1 side missing for entrance and exit. There is a central structural pillar with seating in the round to view the work at leisure. There is a mirror fixed to the central pillar and another on the information graphics wall.

The purpose of the mirrors is to reinforce Movement 2000’s reflective resonance and the realisation that anyone in the work could, but by the grace of God, be you or I.