Peru and the Inca Trail

I decided to take my leave of Spectre Graphics and London in the summer of 1987. I moved into the Old Potting Sheds at Braintris House near to Hatfield Broad Oak in rural Essex. After settling in to rural Life I decided with a friend to spend 6 months travelling. We chose Peru, Ecuador and Costa Rica, Apart from the overall experience we planned to go deep into the Andes Mountains to climb a peak and do the trek to the ancient city of Machu Pichu (see The Inca Trail in Photography). Throughout our time in Peru I took photographs and made drawings and this gallery contains the results when I returned to my country studio back in the UK.

Braintree House
Braintree House Studio
Sketch for Hat Shop paintings
Sketch-Lima Street Scene
Me and Sav heading for the Mountains
The Church
Sweet protest in Lima
First Pass, Warmiwanusqa 4050m
Our Inca Trail Map