The Harrow Club Studio

While living in Cromwell Road, Illustrating, painting and working in the theatre I also took the London Training Group course to become a qualified Youth Worker. Having graduated, my first jobs were at the Fourth Feathers Youth Club in Marylebone, the Portobello Project in Porchester Road and the Qwentin Kynaston Youth Centre on the Finchley Road. This time coincided with Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee celebrations and this was the focus of the first Art Project work I was involved with using my art skills to work and communicate with the young people. We proudly took part in the Parade through Central London celebrating Her Majesty's Jubilee. 

Queen Elizabeth 11 Silver Jubilee Parade through Central London 1977

I came to the Harrow Club W10 as a Part Time Youth Worker and Artist in Residence in 1976 when I was attached to an outfit called Westminster Video Network who were working peripatetically in Youth Clubs and Youth Centres across a number of North London Boroughs. The Club kindly made studio space available to me to develop my own work as well as using my Art Skills as a Part time Youth Worker there.I stayed untill 1987. My first project work using my Art skills with the members was a Wall Mural at the entrance to the Club and over the years did a huge amount of artwork projects with the young people from the area.. I also took part in many of the Clubs other activities

The Metronome Steel Band outside the Harrow club W10 1976
Mural inside the entrance to the Harrow Club W10 1976
The Disco and social space

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